Posted on 29 Jul 2016   Feature Articles

What’s Next for NASCAR?

As I watched coverage of the New Hampshire, Brickyard, and Watkins Glen weekends and weighed the various reactions of the NASCAR community to the news surrounding Dale Jr., I couldn’t help but wonder if this could be the beginning of the end. What if Dale Jr. has to make a decision like Indy driver Dario Franchitti? What will NASCAR... Read More »
Posted on 19 Jul 2015

Courageous, Crazy, or Neither?

Like most other sports, NASCAR is not just about the athletes. Other elements are involved. Controlling the non-human element makes the sport. A quarterback has to grip the football. A hockey player must master the skates. For NASCAR the non-human element is a 3,000-pound stock car with 700 horsepower. Putting 43 of them on a mile and a half... Read More »
Posted on 11 Jun 2015

Another Driver Didn’t Just Win...

On June 7, 2015, a NASCAR driver won a NASCAR race. Doesn’t seem like spectacular news, does it? NASCAR drivers win NASCAR races some 36 times a year in the Cup series. So why am I writing about this particular driver winning this particular race? Well, the win that occurred last weekend is a special win. A win that... Read More »
Posted on 26 Aug 2011

Hey, Nationwide is exciting this year!

As of this season, I am officially a devout Nationwide series fan.  In the past, I tried to give the series serious attention, but I would usually find something else to do on Saturday.  The junior series Daytona races were interesting with Dale Jr. and Kevin Harvick duking it out for the win, but that was pretty much it.... Read More »
Posted on 16 Apr 2011

NASCAR’s Most Exciting Track

Bristol Motor Speedway is one of the shortest racetracks on the NASCAR circuit and definitely brings about exciting racing. The track is half a mile in length. Ready for a math moment? If the track is half of a mile that means the track is 2,640 feet in length. Now, each car is 17 feet long. With 43 cars,... Read More »
Posted on 19 Mar 2011

NASCAR’s Newest Star

Trevor Bayne, a name not known by many just a year ago, has become NASCAR’s newest star in the premier series. Bayne raced in his first ever cup start in the 2010 season. Few would ever have predicted him to win his second start, let alone the Daytona 500. Trevor Bayne has surprised and impressed the NASCAR community with... Read More »
Posted on 19 Mar 2011

From Bad Boy to Good Guy?

From the moment Kurt Busch entered the Cup Series in 2003, the was labeled the “bad boy.” He was cocky and not afraid to say what was on his mind. He continuously talked poorly about the more experienced, veteran drivers. He simply showed no one respect. Now, eight years later, he appears to have completely changed. Is this possible?... Read More »
Posted on 19 Mar 2011

Kyle Busch: A True Champion?

During the 2008 season, Kyle Busch won a cup race on every type of race track. Not only did he win on each race track type, but he dominated at each. Kyle swept the cup road course races. Kyle won at the fast tracks such as Atlanta, Daytona and Talladega. Kyle also won on the smaller tracks such as... Read More »
Posted on 21 Jan 2011

More Than Just Fan Friendly

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to travel along with the NASCAR “city” to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I toured the track a few years ago, but I have never been to this track for a race weekend. I arrived Friday afternoon and was overwhelmed by the number of people present. Never, in my NASCAR weekend experience,... Read More »
Posted on 21 Jan 2011

Testing Policy: Revisions?

The multiple adjustments made to the chase formant demonstrate that NASCAR is not afraid of alteration. Will this be the case with the testing policy instated in 2009? The policy was implemented due to smaller teams’ economic struggles. NASCAR hoped to level out the playing field. Eight races into the season, the new policy seems to be working. Although... Read More »
Posted on 20 Jan 2011

Why Nascar?

I have been a NASCAR fan for ten years now and I still get asked why I find cars turning left interesting. Just the other night I was asked, “why NASCAR?” I usually give a quick answer saying that there is way more to the sport than just 43 cars turning left for a few hundred miles and you... Read More »